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Selections from the Poetry of Yunus Emre


Ask those who know...

Ask those who know, 
what's this soul within the flesh? 
Reality's own power. 
What blood fills these veins?

Thought is an errand boy, 
fear a mine of worries. 
These sighs are love's clothing. 
Who is the Khan on the throne?

Give thanks for His unity. 
He created when nothing existed.
 And since we are actually nothing, 
what are possessions, houses, shops?

God sent us here
to come and see the world.
This world itself is not everlasting.
What are all of Solomon's riches?

Ask Yunus and Taptuk
what the world means to them.
The world won't last.
What are You? What am I?

~Yunus Emre

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To be in love...

To be in love with love is to gain a soul,
to sit on the throne of hearts.

To love the world is to be afflicted.
Later the secrets start to make sense.

Don't be a bramble, 
become the rose. Let your maturity unfold. 
The brambles will only burn.

Prayer was created by God so man could ask for help. 
It's too bad if you haven't learned to ask.

Accept the breath of those who are mature- 
let it become your divining rod.
If you obey your self, things turn out wrong.

Renouncing the world is the beginning of worship. 
If you are a believer, believe this.

Respect your parents and ancestry,
and you will have fine green clothes of your own.

If you earn the complaints of neighbors, 
You'll stay in Hell forever.

Yunus heard these words from the masters. 
If you need this advice, take it.

They say one who is received by a heart 
becomes more beautiful.

~Yunus Emre

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Oh Friend

Oh Friend, when I began to love You,  
my intellect went and left me. 
I gazed at the rivers. I dove into the seas. 

But a spark of Love's fire  
can make the seas boil.  
I fell in, caught fire, and burned.

A soul in love is free of worries. 
With love all problems left me. 
With love I became happy. 

When the nightingale saw the face  
of the red rose, it fell in love.  
I saw the faces of those who matured,  
and became a nightingale. 

I was a dead tree fallen onto the path.  
When a master threw me a glance and  
brought me to life. 

Yunus, if you are a true lover,  
humble yourself.  
Humility was chosen by them all. 

~Yunus Emre

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Those who became complete...

Those who became complete
 didn't live this life in hypocrisy, 
didn't learn the meaning of things 
by reading commentaries.

Reality is an ocean; the Law is a ship. 
Many have never left the ship, 
never jumped into the sea.

They might have come to Worship 
but they stopped at rituals. 
They never knew or entered the Inside.

Those who think the Four Books 
were meant to be talked about, 
who have only read explanations 
and never entered meaning, 
are really in sin.

Yunus means "true friend" 
for one whose journey has begun. 
Until we transform our Names, 
we haven't found the Way.

~Yunus Emre

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I am a fatherless pearl...

I am a fatherless pearl unrecognized by the sea. 
I am the drop that contains the ocean.

Its waves are amazing. It's beautiful to be a sea
 hidden within an infinite drop.

When Majnun spoke Layla's name, 
he broke the meter of his poem.
I was both Layla and Majnun who adored her.

Mansur did not speak idly of Unity.
He was not kidding when he said, "I am Truth."

In this world of many, 
You are Joseph and I am Jacob. 
In the universe of Unity, 
there is neither Joseph nor Canaan.

That my name is Yunus 
is a problem in this material world. 
But if you ask my real name, 
it is the Power behind all powers.

~Yunus Emre

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All of the above poems are from 'The Drop that Became the Sea' Translated by Kabir Hekminski and Refik Algan.